Inside Timpson Group

Go behind the scenes in our shops

Sneak a peek at the amazing things our shop colleagues do every single day.

Take a tour of Timpson House

We don’t have a Head Office barking out orders. Instead, the wonderful teams at Timpson House offer support to our shop colleagues!

Welcome to Timpson House…it may not be conventional but it suits our culture!

All dogs who come to our office are now given the official job title of “director of entertainment”. Last week we averaged 6 dogs a day, and while they can’t answer the phones and do the accounts, they do add to our culture of fun and kindness.

Cafe Cobbler is open as for our amazing colleagues to have amazing food.

Here is our new VIP red carpet at the office. VIC stands for Very Important Colleagues…every office should have a carpet like this!

A normal lunchtime break at the office today….colleagues dogs need a break and a walk about too!

All kinds of magic happens in our workshops

Ice Workshop

This incredible team creates photo gifts, processes film, restores old photos, and a zillion other magical things.

Shoe Workshop

Advanced shoe repairs are completed at our central workshop in Thorn Cross Prison.

Watch Workshops

Specialist watch repairs are handled by our experts in Wolverhampton and Wythenshawe.

Phone Workshop

Our more experienced phone technicians tackle more complex phone and tablet repairs here.

Engraving Workshop

From house signs to sports trophies, our St Helens workshop does all kinds of intricate engraving.

Key Workshop

The specialists in our Key Tech Department help branches with 100s of key cutting jobs every day.

Meet our two main warehouses

We just wouldn’t be where we are today without the amazing work done in our warehouses.

Timpson Warehouse

Based in Wythenshawe (right next to Timpson House), our amazing team organises and ships 1000s of Timpson products.

Max Spielmann Warehouse

This enormous warehouse in the Wirral is called The Quad. Our incredible team manages huge amounts of Max Spielmann stock and keeps things running smoothly!

Welcome to The Nest, our state-of-the-art training facility

Based at Timpson House, The Nest is a fun, colourful and relaxed training centre that encourages people to be their best – and perfectly represents our culture!

This 9,258 sq foot facility hosts everything from new starter training courses and Town Hall meetings to chaotic Christmas parties. There are spaces for big presentations, small team meetings, or even a quick game of table football. The Nest features these rooms:

  • Pankhurst Room (the boardroom)
  • Cheltnam Room (6-person meeting room)
  • Wilsom Room (8-person meeting room)
  • Ollershawe Room (training room)
  • Breakout Room (this where you’ll find the table football!)
  • Garden Area

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