Our Culture

We do things differently with upside-down management

Nobody else does things quite like us. We flipped our management structure upside-down to put customer-facing colleagues in charge. 

It makes colleagues, customers and managers much happier –  and takes our service to the next level. It’s all based on our culture of…


From changing prices to inventing new displays, we trust our colleagues to do whatever they can to amaze our customers.


We offer support, not orders. Every colleague has the freedom and authority to find the best way to run their shop.


Happiness is the most important thing to us. We love surprising colleagues and customers with regular acts of kindness.

“Our simple approach to business involves picking colleagues with personality and trusting them with the freedom to do their job, their way. We call it ‘Upside Down Management’.” 

– John Timpson

“If you treat people well, it’s blindingly obvious that they will do a good job.”
– John Timpson

1. Look the part

Maintain our standards and keep things smart. It couldn’t be simpler. 

2. Put money in the till

There’s nothing complicated about this. It’s plain common sense!

We have a culture based on kindness

From wowing customers to treating colleagues, kindness always comes first at Timpson Group.

Our values make us better, every single day

There is no magic secret to our success. Instead, we have a simple set of values that explain what makes the Timpson Group culture so special. 

Some are quirky, some are common sense. But they all help guide how we behave and interact with others every single day.

Amaze our customers

We put everything into offering a kind & friendly service that puts smiles on faces. 

Put people first

It’s our wonderful colleagues who drive our success, so we spend a lot of time treating everyone well.

Aim to be the best

Even when we feel like we’re the best, we still aim to get better. It’s just how we do things here. 

Only pick the best

We recruit solely on personality – everyone should have a 9 or 10 out of 10 character!

Ignore best practice

Rules can stop people from being their best. Personality, initiative and invention are the most important things.

Enjoy change

We push ourselves to turn dreams and new ideas into reality. It’s how we’ve stayed up to date all these years.

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