Our strategy for building a more sustainable future

The growing climate emergency requires strong, urgent action from businesses. We’re committed to playing our part, and we’ve set an ambitious target to be a Net Zero business by 2040. 

This is a really challenging target, but we’re implementing new energy-saving strategies to help our brands, colleagues and customers reduce their environmental impact. Our latest carbon footprint report shows we’re well on the way to achieving our goal.

Carbon Footprint

We publicly report on our carbon emissions, and have set business-wide targets to reduce our climate impact.

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Greenhouse Gases

We’re working hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our brands and supply chains. 

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Reducing Waste

We’re coming up with new ways to offer products and services while limiting waste and pollution.

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Our approach to tax

The Timpson Group has a strong reputation for being a responsible, honest and proactive taxpayer. We’re always happy to pay our taxes, and we’ve developed a simple (yet very solid) strategy for maintaining our outstanding reputation.

Complete Transparency

We pay the right amount of tax, at the right rate, at the right time. It really is that simple. 

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Fair Tax Mark

We’re proud to achieve accreditation from the Fair Tax Mark – which shows our responsible approach to tax. 

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Responsible Planning

This ensures we comply with all the latest tax rules and regulations – and calculate tax correctly!

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Protecting workers’ rights in our supply chains

It’s our responsibility as a business to protect, respect and champion people’s human rights. We set very high standards in our business, and only work with suppliers who meet or exceed those ethical workplace standards. 

All suppliers must agree to our supplier terms, which set out exactly what we expect from them and ensure they share our commitment to maintaining ethical working practices. We’ll even personally visit suppliers throughout the year, to identify, prevent and mitigate any practices that don’t meet our terms. 

We work collaboratively with suppliers to ensure every person in the supply chain is being treated fairly, and to drive forward progress in these key areas.

Working Conditions

All workers in our supply chains must be offered a safe working environment. We proactively support suppliers by implementing safer working practices.  

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Forced Labour

To prevent any forced or child labour from occurring, we continually assess our supply chains for any signs of exploitation or abusive working conditions. 

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Everyone has the right to be treated equally, and we require all suppliers to tackle all forms of discrimination and offer equal human rights to all workers. 

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You can read our modern slavery statement HERE.

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