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We’re all about giving people second chances

“We put all our charitable giving into projects in which we are closely involved. The Timpson Foundation takes a special interest in rehabilitating prison leavers.”

James Timpson


The Timpson Foundation offers opportunities for all

After visiting a local prison in 2002 and hiring a young man named Matt, we’ve become one of the largest employers of ex-offenders in the UK. 

We haven’t looked back since.

Specialising in recruiting ex-offenders & other marginalised groups.

Over 10% of our 5000+ colleagues have a criminal conviction.

Risk assessments help us carefully pick the right individuals.

We strongly believe in giving people a second chance in life.

Most ex-offenders have proven loyal, hardworking & excellent colleagues.

75% of recruited ex-offenders stay long-term & enjoy rewarding careers.

Sarah’s story

Sarah Barker was sentenced to 5 years in prison, for stabbing a man who attacked her. After joining our day release program, she went full-time and is now a successful store manager.

Darren’s story

Darren Burns was recruited directly from custody, starting his career in our shops. He’s now our Director of Diversity and Inclusion, so spends a lot of time recruiting more amazing colleagues from prisons around the country!

Jack's story

Jack Twigg was struggling to find work with his criminal record, so we offered him a trainee role in a Timpson shop to get him back on his feet. Six months later, he became a branch manager in charge of his very own shop!

Prison Training Academies help prisoners get back into work

Our specialist training academies prepare prisoners for employment after their release – and reduce the risk of reoffending!

Practical Training

Prisoners are trained in all our in-store services, which helps them smoothly transition into the workplace.

Part of the Team

They’ll become a valued team member, helping to restore their confidence and self-esteem.


After their release, we’ll introduce their colleagues and settle them into their new job role.

Our Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) colleagues

As they near the end of a long sentence, many prisoners are granted day release to help reintegrate them back into society. This is known as Return on Temporary Licence (ROTL).

The Timpson Foundation recruits many ROTL colleagues, offering a safe environment for a day’s work before they return to prison. 

Working alongside other colleagues in our shops, those working on day release will be offered support and advice to help build up their confidence in the workplace.  

Many of our ROTL colleagues have gone on to enjoy long, successful careers with Timpson upon release! 

We also offer career opportunities to care leavers

Most young adults who leave the care system don’t have the emotional or financial support they need to thrive. 

So, the Timpson Foundation offers them support in a number of different ways…

Care Leaver Employer

Now part of the Care Leaver Covenant, we offer career opportunities to care leavers.

Valuable Work Experience

Running for 1-2 weeks, our program covers a range of skills to mimic life in our shops.

Guaranteed Interview

After their work placement, we always offer care leavers a job interview.

Colleague Support

We offer mental health support, counselling, and many more supportive benefits.

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